Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm Back!

After an eternity off, I'm back! The Kentucky Insurance Defense Page is now the Kentucky Tort and Insurance Blog. I am happy to say I, along with Michael Stevens (Kentucky Law Blog) , were two of the first attorney's to blog way back in 2004. ( While the name is different, the content will remain the same, but will not be as elaborate. What started as a way to inform attorneys about issues in my field of practice, quickly became a full time job. I will continue to comment on cases but will add information from other sources that I feel is important.


Law Guy said...

Welcome back Ed. You made today's Kentucky Law Blog. With you and others dealing with a focus on Kentucky, things can/should get more interesting in our legal community. Michael Stevens.

Edward A. Brutscher said...

Thanks, Michael. You continue to set the standard!